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Mairé By Kau Kau

Mairé by Kau Kau

Maire comes back with one of her best undertakings to date. She drops another single titled 'Kau'. Created by DJ Psychotune, this is a deviation from the adorable, girly Mairé everyone is utilized to. 'Kau brings out and opens up her tomboyish modify personality, which as indicated by her, "is truly me incidentally." Mairé, the delightful vocalist, has resisted the standard in 2018. A sharp difference to the chime in the vibe of her generally welcomed single 'Terrible', 'Kau' grandstands an intriguing retro Hip-jump stream. With verses like "On the off chance that you attempt me my goons go physical," it nearly feels like we are in a road setting where Mairé is a manager, and runs things! This new way she has picked may simply be her four leaf clover in this media outlet.
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